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EP3 5* Review!

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

The first review for our 3rd EP #Fame is in! Heres what Paul at My Fizzy Pop .com had to say!

Buy the Fame EP here (iTunes GB)

"There is a lot to love about rather splendid pop-rock band, Who's Molly? I love the little things (like the question mark after their name; like lead singer Karl's ever changing but always marvelous hair styles; like will we ever know who Molly is?) and I love the important things (like their ability to craft an unforgettable hook; their gift for creating textured scores that only enhance the poetic lyricism within their songs). Their first two EPs (New Tomorrow and Welcome To The Good Life) played like mini-greatest hits collections waiting to happen; so naturally, their star is still in the ascendancy. They are looking to capitalise on this success with their blisteringly good third EP, Fame. Once again, they have crafted four irrepressibly catchy songs that linger long after the music has finished playing. The title track opens this latest collection, a blistering examination of what it means to be famous in the modern world. From the opening paparazzi-camera sound effects through to the soaring refrain, everything about this wonderfully textured wall of sound draws the listener into the energy and vibrant nature of the song. Singer Karl excels in the funk drenched setting, wrapping his voice around every guitar link and percolating percussive groove. It is an exhilarating opening number which leads nicely into the Apocalypse. A sparse, industrial style beat combines with a robotic tinged singing style from Karl as he details the bewildering place the world is always teetering on the brink of becoming. There is drama and obfuscating atmosphere pervading the layered instrumental; particularly when those electro-sound effects kick in during the chorus. It is designed to throw you off kilter, scramble your senses yet leave you strangely thirsty for more. In its own way, it feels like it was inspired by the ABBA song, The Visitors - that 1981 gem about military invasion. Both throw you off balance yet appeal thanks to strong vocals and indelible refrains. I have a feeling Apocalypse will last just as long as The Visitors has...

Hand clap rhythms launch Fire In My Soul; a track Adele would kill to sing. No need for her though, its doing just fine in the hands of Who's Molly? Just the slightest hints of gospel influences permeate the song, whilst the backing vocals work to enhance the narrative perfectly. When the music feels like a manifestation of the emotions in the lyrics you know you are listening to a smartly crafted, passionate composition - and the glorious middle 8, with its stripped back single note approach, not only serves to bring laser like focus to Karl's voice but also builds anticipation for the final run through of the titular refrain. Its enough to make you want to throw your hands in the air and testify as you float past seventh heaven to cloud nine. If Fame is an ideal first single from the album, then this should be the follow up that sets radio alight. Talking of heaven, the final track of the EP is called New Religion. It is all about finding salvation in the arms of another and letting love and the pleasures of the flesh take you to rapturous new heights. It is a fitting close to an excellent EP, leaving you satiated and ready to begin the experience all over again. Even better, played alongside the band's other two EPs, it makes for a splendid debut album - one that could effortlessly yield six to seven singles. All killer, pop-rock's Thriller. Tell everyone you've ever met. "

Paul - MyFizzyPop

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